Fantasy Fest in Key West

Fantasy Fest 2019

What is Fantasy Fest in #KeyWest?

          To answer in a few words, it is a party that goes on for 10 days. In 2019 Fantasy Fest starts on October 18th and finishes on October 27th.

          There are many events that take place during the festival - Goombay fair, zombie bike ride, white party, red party, doctors and nurses party, tutu party, halos, and horns party, kinky party, BDSM party, street fair and, of course, big parade at the end of it all! ⠀

          It’s a grown-up festival and many people wear little or no costumes. Be prepared to see a lot of nude and painted bodies! Some of the body painting is amazing but some are you wish you never saw it. The best part about Fantasy Fest is that everyone is in a good mood and everyone is happy. 



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