1. I am coming on a cruise ship, do I have enough time to take the tour?

Yes. You will have enough time to complete one of our Key West Southernmost Walk tours. Please, book either 8 am or 8:30 am starting time. The tour is about 1.5hours, so you will also have plenty of time to explore Key West on your own and revisit popular landmarks.

  1. How long is the Key West Southernmost Tour?

The Southernmost Walk is about 1.5hours plus-minus 15 minutes. 

  1. Are there bathrooms along the way?

We highly recommend you use the bathroom before the tour. Since we start early, most of the business along the way are still closed and there are no public bathrooms we can use. 

  1. Can I bring my kids for the tour?

Yes. We welcome kids all ages on the Key West Southernmost Walk tour. Children enjoy learning about shipwrecking and treasure hunting.

  1. How many miles we will the tour cover?

We will walk approximately 1.4 to 1.8 miles. Most of the time we will be either walking or standing. Please, make sure you can walk that distance in warm weather.

  1. What should I bring with me?

Key West is warm and sunny. Even though we do our Key West Southernmost Tour earlier in the day, we strongly suggest you bring a bottle of water, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes and light clothing.

  1. How should I dress for the tour?

Comfortable shoes and lightweight cotton clothing will help you have the best experience.

  1. Can I bring my pet on the tour?

Unless you booked a private tour, you can bring your pet ONLY if it is a certified service animal. 

  1. Is there  parking available?

If you come on a bicycle there is a bike rack where you can lock it. There is meter parking available for the cars on Fitzpatrick, Whitehead and Front streets. Plan accordingly so you arrive on time and have time to park.

  1. What is your late policy?

We ask all our customers to arrive 10-15 min before the tour starting time to ensure we start and finish it as scheduled. If you are running late, call us so we can tell you where we are and you can join us from there.

  1. What is your cancellation policy?

You will receive a full refund if you cancel your booking at least 24 hours before your tour starting time. If you cancel with less than 24hours, you will be refunded 20% of the tour value. No-shows will not be refunded. You also will receive a full refund or a credit, if we have to cancel it on our end due to severe weather or other unforeseen circumstance.

  1. Does the tour come in any other languages?

With a 7-10days notice, our tours are also available in Spanish and Russian languages. Please, contact us for more details.

  1. Can I book a tour for corporate or private events?

Yes. We do corporate and private events and can alter our itinerary to accommodate your requests. Please, contact us for more details and pricing.

  1. Is gratuity included in the price?

Gratuity is not included in the price of the tour. However, it is up to you to tip your tour guide. If you loved the tour and enjoyed yourself, tips are very appreciated by your tour guide. The standard gratuity for a tour guide in the service industry is 15-20% of the ticket price.

  1. What if it's raining, will the tour still take place?

Our tours take place rain or shine. Usually, if it rains the rain lasts only 10-15 min, but it happens very rarely, and it's still warm outside. We provide ponchos, if necessary. However, we advise you to check the weather conditions for your tour date.