Key West Restaurants: Top 5 Tapas Places in Key West


There is a list of TOP 5 Tapas Places that we love ❤️

1. Santiago’s Bodega - great place, great food, great service! And.... great happy hour and.... the best Sangria in town 🍷. 

2. Louis Backyard Upstairs - love the view and the menu has some interesting selection 😋.

3. Martins - is a great place on Duval! It has a European character. Upscale and simple. Check out happy hour there 🍸

4. Point 5 - is a great place to order a drink and a small plate and people watch from the porch! 🍻

5. Tavern N’ Town - is a good option if you staying uptown! They have great food and an awesome bartender 🥂🍾!

Use the link to see those places on Google Map:

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