What To Do In Key West

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What to do in Key West?

This is the question that my customers ask me the most. And funny thing is that they ARE ALREADY in Key West! Apparently, a lot of tourists don’t plan things to do on their vacation in advance. In a way, it’s cool because you get to ask locals for recommendations but on the other hand, you waste your time doing that. 

Below is my recommendation for things to do in Key West.


1. Learn at least some Key West history!

You will be in shock about how historical the island is. It was discovered in the early 1500s by Ponce de Leon while he was on his search for the fountain of youth! That’s a great beginning, isn’t it? From there Key West became one of the richest cities in Florida! Oh, and the story about Conch Republic creation is great!

In my opinion, the best way to see Key West is to walk. Luckily for you, we offer Key West History And Culture Southernmost Walking Tour. On the tour, you get the opportunity to see the island and to learn its history in just 1.5 hours. This is great because then you can go explore the island on your own and decide if you want to pay to get into the museums. 

We also created a FREE list of FREE Things To Do In Key West. Check it out and perhaps you will find some interesting places for you to visit.


2. Do watersports!

Key West is surrounded by water so to have some fun in the ocean is a must-do thing. Jetski, snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, parasailing are all fun. Also, make sure to take a sunset cruise. Just google one. There are many choices of boats that do sunset cruises. Sunset will be the same for all, but you can do be on a big catamaran with a hundred other people or be on a sailboat with a small group. Pretty much every boat offers some kind of alcoholic beverage and snack included in price.


2. Eat and drink at locally-owned places!

 Let’s be honest, you can eat at Outback or some other chain restaurant in any city. There is no charm to it. However, when you visit local businesses in Key West you will feel like you are a part of our community and a happy islander! Cuban Coffe Queen is great for coffee, Viv Wine bistro is awesome for wine and gourmet cheeses, Alonzo’s Oyster Bar is fantastic for fresh seafood! I can keep going and keep going more. Key West is known for its great restaurants and bars!


3. SHOP!

Ladies, Key West shopping can get a little tricky for you because there are a lot of shops on Duval with the same generic merchandise and souvenirs, but let me assure you - there are quite a few places to find unique items. Check out KINO Sandals for an amazing quality handmade leather sandals. Gentleman, for you there are also plenty of options available - cigars, handmade shirts, hammocks, art!

I hope this list of things to do in Key West will help to plan your vacation!

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